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See the Most popular Scammer online


See the Most popular Scammer online

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After a lot of report from people online, i hereby announce this man as the most popular scammer online, whose name is Godspower Jacob. This man is a stubborn scammer , at least 50 people have reported him of scamming them of their money.

Facebook profile: Godspower Jacob

This is how he advertise:

Some victim said he claimed to be BTC or PAYPAL dealer which is not true. People like this should be ban from facebook community. We will not be able show you the report of everyone, but at least , we will show some of the report.


See below :

Reports in word below:

Matthew Gallant Ukwadia‎ posted this to popular Facebook group, BLOGGERS HELPING BLOGGERS (BHB) :
ON DAILY BASIS GODSPOWER JACOB WILL BE FLOODING MY TIMELINE WITH “BRING ALL YOUR PAYPAL, BTC And PAYONEER FUND AND COME COLLECT NAIRA” TODAY I TRIED HIM OUT WITH JUST $12.1 WORTH OF BITCOIN SINCE 7AM UP TILL NOW HE HAS GONE OFFLINE AFTER HE PROMISED IT WON’T TAKE HIM TIME TO SEND MY BTC TO A UK CLIENT. He Godspower isn’t any real exchanger rather than what the Igbo call “OSo ahia”…. please don’t transact with him…he is a fulltime scammer. his number is on call divert. Have even begged him to refund my money o!!!


Obinna Kingsley Ijezie also posted:

Godspower Jacob no longer replying my messages, now I know I’ve been scammed, but you know what you are just playing azonto with your destiny, watch out.

Pro Victor Paul also posted:

Godspower Jacob will scam you and still pray for you,even threaten to block you .lmao!

Jnr Osman Dzu-nuraini also posted:

….BIKO WE NEED REAL HACKERs to shutdown this dude (Godspower Jacob) #Fb_Account he’s proud of scamming people online everyday…. According to the report we got He has SCAMMED over 45 people within a month. Godspower Jacob claimed BTC & PAYPAL dealer.

After a lot of reports online, a facebook user , Raphael Anthony, decided to run facebook advert for him.. the guy posted:

Send me Godspower Jacob full details let me run Facebook advert with 500 naira note if he has scam you before.

Imagine!!! …

Our next gossip will be titled the “Cheapest Scammer online”

Watch out!!!!!

in this year 2018, together we will end online scamming…. so if anyone scammed you, please report him/her to me here


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