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MAPOLY Students Brutalized For Protesting Delay In Second Semester Exam (Photos)


MAPOLY Students Brutalized For Protesting Delay In Second Semester Exam (Photos)

*CampusAnchor Newsy*

*Protest Report*

Greatest Nigerian Students
I think its high time we let the Govt and the school management know that we are fed of this game they are involved in. Its affecting our personal life and if care is not taken things may worsen more than this.

the incident happened this morning when we all gathered at Skating ground to go and have dialogue with the school management most especially the Rector. On getting to school, the gate was locked, we told them at the school gate that we didn’t come for Violence, that we are here to see the Rector.

The school gate was opened, on getting there, the school PRO was sighted trying to escape through the bush behind the uncommissioned filling station beside the gate, some students went after him and told him we only wanted to see the Rector, and he complied with us, he was taken down to the school admin with a bike to call the attention of the Rector to the students at the school entrance.
Few minutes later, the CSO brought the Rector in the Campus Security Surveillance hilux bus, open roof, the Rector actually started his speech, but it reached a point where he started acting cunning, so the students shouted that we want you to follow us down to the governor’s office, and he actually agreed to do that.

We moved out of the school premises in masses having the Rector amidst us. When we got to Iyana Oloke at the end of the untarred road, some armed policemen approached us and ask that where are we going to, we told them we are heading to the governor’s office, and they allowed us to pass. On getting to the tarred road, the person who drove the Hilux suddenly opened the door, and started driving recklessly, hitting students on the road, meanwhile we have close to 20 students at the back of the hilux jeep, some fell down, the bus stepped on some students leg, some from behind. The remaining students at the back of the Hilux were nowhere to be found now.

That was what happened that provoked the students and we mobbed the road and silence everywhere to panseke. On getting there, we met armed policemen fully loaded and set with their gun ready to fire shots at us.

Merciful Nigerians, come and save our lives from oppressors, we are tired, we can’t continue to face this sufferness.
See the way police officers are harassing us.
God help us

We recorded about 29 students that were injured right now.
The Rector was not kidnapped, the CSO carried him away.

*Anymarshaun Reporting*

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